Rogue Farms is a Charlotte based urban farm, using hydroponic techniques to produce premium quality specialty produce.


Rogue Farms Urban Hydroponics is a Charlotte start up Hydroponics business located in the Historic Southend District. On the farm we grow Asian Greens, Specialty Lettuces, Herbs, and Micro Greens. Our operation began in August 2014. We sell to restaurants, food trucks and are a vendor at Atherton Market on Saturdays. A major part of our practice is to donate produce to organizations which help feed our area's underserved population. We are a contributing partner to Friendship Trays and also a Piedmont Culinary Guild member. Our final and most important component is education. Rogue Farms Urban Hydroponics offers advanced agricultural education through ‘hands on’ experiential learning on the farm. Please visit our Education Page for Workshop offerings.

Our Misson

Rogue Farms Urban Hydroponics is a unique farm-based education center. Our mission is to forge a new agricultural landscape, offer access to locally grown food, and provide advanced agricultural education in urban areas. 


Specialty Lettuce

Micro Greens

Asian Greens


Welcome to the New Agricultural Landscape! Learn to grow your own food Hydroponically.
Rogue Farms Urban Hydroponics offers advanced agricultural education through ‘hands on’ experiential learning on the farm.

Sunday, October 22nd from 9am-12 noon. The HYDROPONICS 101 WORKSHOP is held on site at Rogue Farms Urban Hydroponics.  Located in the South End area of Charlotte. Join us in exploring Materials and Construction, Plant Physiology, Nutrient Management, Water Chemistry, Crop Production, Integrated Pest Management Management & More. 

To secure enrollment in the October HYDROPONICS 101 Workshop course offering please email: or call 704-562-8260

TBA courses: Hydroponics 101, Horticulture, Controlled Environment Agriculture, Agricultural Entrepreneurial Enterprise

Want to introduce your students to one of the fastest growing markets in agriculture today?
Rogue Farms Urban Hydroponics Hosts Educational Tours 

Hydroponics is creating profound changes to the traditional agriculture model and providing new business opportunities and advances in food safety that customers and retailers are demanding.  Bring your class to a customized workshop on a working urban hydroponics farm right in the heart of South End, Charlotte. Educational Workshops are $150/group. 

Rogue Farms Urban Hydroponics is locally owned and operated and on a mission to provide fresh produce as well as advanced agricultural education in urban areas
The “farm” is located in a warehouse near the Atherton Mill Market and New Bern Light Rail Stop. Your students can see how innovation, agriculture, and business fit in to the larger picture of sustainability, right here in the Queen City! As a working farm, “living lab”, and entrepreneurial hub, we want to share this incredible and unique learning opportunity to foster the future stewards of our agricultural system.  We can tailor field trips/workshops to meet your curricular goals or address NCES in your courses.
For more information, pricing, and to book your field trip, please contact 


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